Notes cut off on web

Whenever I view Notes on the web, they are cut off, as if a small maximum horizontal width is enforced. Can I fix this?

Can you please share a screenshot and be more specific about which Notes app you are using?

Please also add the usualy information about your environment, the used software and browser versions etc., etc.

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Windows 10, Edge or Chrome

If you need anything more, just let me know

And which Notes app are you using?

Simply editing a text file from the files app with Nextcloud Text?
Or have you installed the Nextcloud Notes app? Quick notes? Carnet?

Since you cut off the interesting part (the top bar, the left side etc) i am unfortunately not able to see which editor this is (and where the bug report belongs to :wink:)

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I wrote:

… your environment, the used software and browser versions etc., etc.

What about further information about your “server environment”, software and app versions … ???

I have no separate server; I’m just using an ISP. I’m just using Nextcloud on the web, which I assume updates itself periodically.

I’m using the built in Nextcloud Notes app in Windows. Interestingly, I also installed that Notes app on my Android device and it works fine.

I have no separate server; I’m just using an ISP

But the used hosted solution also uses a specific environment and software versions etc. , right? Have you already contacted your service provider and reported the problem to him?
If yes, what was his answer?

There is no official Windows client for Nextcloud Notes (i am only aware of QOwnNotes). So, you are using Windows, and you access Nextcloud Notes via Edge or Chrome (as you mentioned), is this correct?
Can you please share a screenshot of the complete browser, not only the note, so we can verify that we are talking about the same thing?

I am asking because the font of the screenshot you shared looks also very strange (like in a code block, which would also explain the scrolling behavior. Neither Nextcloud Notes nor Nextcloud Text (or any other solution i am aware of) uses a monospace font as default.

Please, don’t let us ask for each and every detail. Post as many information as you can, for example (but not limited to):

  • Screenshot of the whole browser
  • Does this happen only in one note or in all?
  • Complete content of a note where you can reproduce this issue
  • Versions! Which version is your Nextcloud Notes app on your server (Android doesn’t matter if it works fine)

I tried sending three screen shots, which exceeds the max of two. In any event:

Agreed; the font looks like that ancient Montype or whatever it was called. I attach your requested screen shots. How can I tell which version I’m using? Yes, it happens with all notes.

Can you please press F12 and tell us the content of the browser console?

If you don’t host your Nextcloud instance, you should ask your hoster as @j-ed said. If you host it yourself, you should open an issue in the apps repository (filling out the complete issue template) .