Notes App -- Syncing KDE, Kontact & Android?

NextCloud’s Notes app has an integrated Android client from Niedermann et. al., that gets me thinking about a fully integrated alternative to Evernote. Evernote is the single most important application in my life for the past few years. However, with NC installed on shared hosting, I have yet to successfully sync KDE desktop notes from Kontact’s Popup Notes, or KJots. I have also been unable to find documentation to support such a configuration. Is there currently a solution to sync Notes between Android and the Plasma Desktop? Any advice on configuring clients?

Given the success of Evernote, it seems to me that creating a competitive alternative based upon established KDE and NextCloud tools could have huge dividends in expanding the userbase of both platforms. While syncing the Notes app would be a step in that direction, the crucial feature may be in using NC to sync more complex notes, like Kontact’s Journal entries from desktop to Android. However, this raises the VJOURNAL issue, perhaps something that the Kontact team might consider in the future. The air-tight alternative to Evernote for Linux and Android remains elusive.

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