Note Client for desktop OSX

Hi, I’m looking for a osx compatible note client that work with my selfhosted nc19 version.
Any idea how to link my notes to my desktop without using the nc client?

I do sync tasks with thunderbird, wich is great.

Any inputs?

Try QOwnNotes - it’s also available for OSX.


Perfect, exactly ehat I was looking for. Thanks a lot. I search quite a long time for somthing similar but couldn’t find anything.

I managed to connect to my nc server everything works. But I can’t sync the notes. It seams that all notes are stored locally on my osx hd. It should sync with the notes folder from my nc but it do not.
I’m sure I do somthing wrong. So if anyone has an idea.

I was a bit too euphoric.
Is there an other clinet where I can directly connect to the note of my nc server.

QOwnNotes do not sync automaticly with my nc19 server. For that I do have to install the nc client. Wich I would prefer not to do. (of possible)

Sync note with my nc server and thunderbird? Or a another app?

Any client which is capable of WebDAV will work. But afaik there are not other native desktop OSX apps.

Are you sure that QOwnNotes requires the Nextcloud client to be installed? I think it should be able to perform the synchronization without, too. Maybe ask at their website for help to get the sync working?

It’s writen here

I have problemes installing the nc client. I have to fix that first.

I may have a “good” workaround to sync one folder without using nc client but still be in my own “ecosystem”. I do have a sync possibility from my synology diskstation, where I could sync only the notes folder. Maybe this will work for me

Thanks for the help.

ps: It would be great to have a note app that sync directly with the nc server without using a separate client etc… All inclusiv :slight_smile:

You can use any sync service to sync your files, but Nextcloud would be the best choice because QOwnNotes integrates very well with it.

You can also use “selective sync” in Nextcloud Sync to only sync the Note folder.

Okay, thanks, so I have to fix the problem connecting my client with my nextcloud first, and then I will do it as you mentioned.

I’ll keep it updated

Just wanted to update here. Everything works fine and I can now sync my notes with qownnites and my phone. Perfect, thank you

See GitHub - dgmid/nextcloud-notes-mac-client: Access and edit your Nextcloud Notes on the Mac for an alternative