Not working notifications on mobile app for NextCloud Talk

Hello, eng not my native, so pls exuse me.

Notifications on my mobile is not working… it does not ringing at all.
It is working only then I open it manualy. Voice, Video and chat is great. But I don’t understand why that’s not ringing. That’s important functional.

Is it problem in me and I didn’t do something right when install it. Or Nextcloud has problem itself. I’ve got NC 18

Same for me, even without F-Droid, who can cause problemts for notifications, notifications are “random”, and on devices without battery optimisation, and with auto boot of the app enabled…

Which version of Android Talk app to do have ?

On f-droid it’s not working
On gplay you need to do:

my app has v8.0.9

So have you tried to follow jakob1’s advice ? To change the battery management for Talk ?

nope, still don’t work

Don’t forget to check the main settings of the talk app like this :


Otherwise the phone will not ring, I had made this mistake, and now all is perfect…