not triggering custom listener for adding script in nextcloud

im new in nextcloud im stuck 3 days in adding a tab in sharing box next to activity. now my problem is i want add my script.js in my Listener based on document. i copied the sample codes from checksum app in nextcloud appstore. my weird bug is checksum listener is triggered but my listener wont be trigged! listener class and application class are same for both of them just with different app name and their own js file

class LoadSidebarListener implements IEventListener {
public function handle(Event $event): void {
    if (!($event instanceof LoadSidebar)) {

    Util::addScript(Application::APP_ID, 'myage.main');


and register it in Applicaton.php:

class Application extends App implements IBootstrap {
public const APP_ID = 'myage';

public function __construct(array $urlParams = []) {
    parent::__construct(self::APP_ID, $urlParams);

public function register(IRegistrationContext $context): void {
    // Load scripts for sidebar.

public function boot(IBootContext $context): void {