Not sure how to install - help needed

I have a question related to installing latest next cloud from scratch
I am on a raspberry pi (ubuntu 16.04)
i went to and found there are three options to install… I tried the web installer (should I use another method instead?)

I installed nginx on my pi and then did wget to the setup-nextcloud.php file in /var/www/html
after which I pointed the browser to /setup-nextcloud.php but my browser downloaded the file
obviously it is not executing the php which leads me to believe I ened to install php first?
but the installation instruction on the site says that the web installer will do the necessary installation of dependencies etc

not sure how to proceed.
any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

You need a working webserver with php (and needed modules) already installed.

The installer itself just downloads the zip-file and extracts it.

Are you running more than one site on your pi? If not, I’d lose nginx and reduce the complexity of your install.

Here is a super simple step by step guide to installing Nextcloud on Ubuntu

If you’re going to publish your install to the internet, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got SSL setup as well.

thanks for the response, I found an appropriate guide and and am following it now to do the install

I am going to be hosting nextcloud, my personal blog and my personal gitlab on the same pi using nginx as a front. Well thats the plan at least …
Thanks for the help though

found a great guide with detailed instructions:
am following it now, so far so good, not completely done yet