Not showing max quota image - Fresh install Nextcloud 18

Nextcloud version: 18.0.2
Operating System: Centos 7
Nginx version: nginx/1.16.1
PHP version: PHP 7.3.16

Hello everyone,

I have a fresh install of Nextcloud, and when i was testing creation of users i face this problem:

  • When i select a quota the selection box doesnt change, also in the language.
  • The quota doesnt show, but when i enter the user it is what i selected.

Does anybody knows what could it be? Hope i gave enough information, first time creating a topic,
Thanks in advance.

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Same here, seems to be a bug. I think the NC Team is already on it.

Ok, good to know they are working on it, does 18.0.3 fix this?

18.0.3 is a security fix and it’s highly recommended that you update your NC as soon as possible. But it won’t fix the quota problem. As far as I understood it is planned for 18.0.4…

Right, no edit options :confused:

Running 18.0.3 too and no max quota number is displayed. Makes an Admin uncertain what a user’s quota is when you change it to something larger from the default. Glad to hear 18.0.4 will fix this bug.

I’ve tested with the new update and the error no longer appears