Not seeing Two Factor TOTP in Apps list for Nextcloud 20


So just upgraded to Nextcloud 20 and now trying to setup 2FA using Google Authenticator. Looking at many great instructions saying I should install “Two Factor TOTP Provider” to enable but I’m not seeing it in my Apps list.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong or missing to setup 2FA using Google Authenticator?



I tried Search, but I don’t get TOTP in results. I get other 2FA apps but not TOTP

Select the Security category as recommended in the thread provided by @anon71540698 or go to the app store, from where you can download and install the app manually.

On my NC20 I had twofactor_totp installed. To verify the reporter’s issue I deactivated and uninstalled it. I confirm that twofactor_totp is not shown when trying to search for it or install it from a category in /settings/apps. OCC doesn’t help either

$ php occ app:install twofactor_totp
Error: Could not download app twofactor_totp

I suspect compatibility markings: 5.0.0 is the latest version marked compatible with NC20 – according to the app store. It should be selected. Instead, 6.0.0 (marked compatible for NC21 only) is selected but filtered out due to its incompatibility.

This was reported as bug ending up in this PR but the issue persists in 20.0.6 :frowning:

Theoretically it could also be due to app signatures or a stale download link.

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Thank you for that. Certainly looks like a open and known issue.

Appreciate the info.

I fixed this just yesterday with Fix/app fetcher php compat comparison by ChristophWurst · Pull Request #25335 · nextcloud/server · GitHub. See the PR for details. You might be able to patch your instance.

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Thank you so much Chris both for the response and fix!

I will likely wait for the fix to make it into a release. I’m not in a rush.

Thank you again.

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