Not responding after upgrade from 15


I have recently inherited a server which was not well maintained by the previous IT person and had a Nextcloud 15 installation which I wanted to upgrade. SInce the regular upgrade over Plesk failed, I decided to do a manual upgrade according to this manual . Unfortunately I forgot to backup the database beforehand (I backed up the entire folder). After I tried to start Nextcloud 16 (no errors during upgrade) there was no response in the Admin panel. Meaning I can still open apps and I seem to be logged in still but it is like a static page, not responding to anything.
A little bit freaked out I used Plesk to consecutively upgrade through to Nextcloud 19 (the most I could do without adding more memory to PHP which does not work for some reason) but I am still not getting any responses.

The weird thing is, that it is not showing any PHP errors (enabled ALL error reporting and display_errors on) nor is the nextcloud log giving me any clue towards the error (I have uploaded the gigantic file anyway) nextcloud

I am running PHP 7.3.27 on Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS using Plesk Obsidian 18.0.34.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Hi @Fliwatt , have you try this command into a shell ?
sudo -u www-data /..../nextcloud/occ maintenance:repair
( change www-data if you not have this user and change nextcloud folder path by yours)

Have you an error after done this line ?

Thank you for your response, this is the return:

The current PHP memory limit is below the recommended value of 512MB.
 - Repair MySQL collation
     - Not a mysql database -> nothing to do
 - Repair mime types
 - Clean tags and favorites
     - 0 tags of deleted users have been removed.
     - 0 tags for delete files have been removed.
     - 0 tag entries for deleted tags have been removed.
     - 0 tags with no entries have been removed.
 - Repair invalid shares
 - Move .step file of updater to backup location
     - .step file exists
     - .step-previous-update removed
     - .step file moved to .step-previous-update
 - Fix potential broken mount points
     - No mounts updated
 - Add log rotate job
 - Clear frontend caches
     - Image cache cleared
     - SCSS cache cleared
     - JS cache cleared
 - Clear every generated avatar on major updates
 - Add preview background cleanup job
 - Queue a one-time job to cleanup old backups of the updater
 - Cleanup invalid photocache files for carddav
 - Add background job to cleanup login flow v2 tokens
 - Remove potentially over exposing share links
     - No need to remove link shares.
 - Clear access cache of projects
 - Reset generated avatar flag
 - Repair DAV shares
 - Add background job to set the lookup server share state for users
 - Update name of the stored view
 - Fix component of birthday calendars
     - 8 birthday calendars updated.
 - Regenerating birthday calendars to use new icons and fix old birthday events without year
     - Repair step already executed
 - Fix broken values of calendar objects
    0 [->--------------------------]
 - Registering building of calendar search index as background job
     - Repair step already executed
 - Registering background jobs to update cache for webcal calendars
     - Added 0 background jobs to update webcal calendars
 - Registering building of calendar reminder index as background job
     - Repair step already executed
 - Clean up orphan event and contact data
     - 0 events without a calendar have been cleaned up
     - 0 properties without an events have been cleaned up
     - 0 changes without a calendar have been cleaned up
     - 0 cached events without a calendar subscription have been cleaned up
     - 0 changes without a calendar subscription have been cleaned up
     - 0 contacts without an addressbook have been cleaned up
     - 0 properties without a contact have been cleaned up
     - 0 changes without an addressbook have been cleaned up
 - Remove activity entries of private events
     - Removed 0 activity entries
 - Fix the share type of guest shares when migrating from ownCloud
 - Copy the share password into the dedicated column
 - Set existing shares as accepted
 - Purify and migrate collected mail addresses
    0 [----->----------------------]
 - Insert background jobs for all accounts
 1/1 [============================] 100%
 - Make Mail itinerary extractor executable
 - Migrate Mail provisioning config from config.php to the database
     - No old config found
 - Create or update provisioned Mail accounts
     - No Mail provisioning config set
 - Update OAuth token expiration times
 - Switches from default updater server to the customer one if a valid subscription is available
     - Repair step already executed
 - Add background job to check for backup codes
 - Populating added database structures for workflows

@Fliwatt do you still have your issue?

Yes, but now different issues. It seemed to have been a permissions issue. Now I have set all permissions to 777 which is far from optimal but now it works (at least). I am relatively new to this so I am confused. All the files are owned by the Plesk user (so not www-data but one that seems to be set by Plesk) and owned by the group psacln, still I have to give everyone permission (hence 777) for the Nextcloud scripts to load. But now I am having the issue of “Home storage for user xxxx not writeable” and I can’t change the permissions for the data folder because it keeps resetting to drwxrwx—

This is kind of frustrating because I did not set this installation up myself.

@Fliwatt this user has already logged in at least once?