Not possible to disable video player (viewer)

Is there way how to specify MIME types in config/config.php or in admin settings which schould be used in apps/viewer (photos and videos viewer)?

My goal is to do not open this viewer for all videos after clic on the file. (just only pictures should use it)

My nextCloud is 19.0.0
apps/viewer version 1.3.0

Or is there another way how to reach this functionality?

/path/to/nextcloud/core/shipped.json, remove viewer under “alwaysEnabled” to make possible to disable it in appstore.

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Okay I found a way to disable the “viewer” app.

  1. As mentioned by @BraveSail you need to remove the “viewer” in the core/shipped.json file.
  2. Then you will be able to see the Viewer in your app web UI. You can go ahead and disable it in the UI.