Norwegian Holiday calendar not working

Hi I was wondering if anyone here can help with figure out why the Norwegian public holiday is not working. I added it using the “add public holiday calendar” feature.

The adding process is fine but no calendar holidays are shown.

It has been like this since this feature was added.
I tested to see if this was for all country’s so I added the Swedish one and it works fine.
So there seems to be something wrong with the Norwegian one.

It would be nice if someone here could help debugging why.

They seem to come from, and there is already a bug report:
Norwegian holidays calendar is outdated · Issue #405 · thunderbird/thunderbird-website · GitHub

and this is the file:

which needs an update…

For a few once that always appear at the same day of a month, you’d probably can just create one repeating every year (without end date). And the others, not sure if you can find a source and then just translate the name…

Hi guys thanks for answering. I poked around the URLS mentioned above and found this page:
Github source:

Added the URL for Norway manually to the Calendar from this source and it works.
Maybe the this is a better source for public holiday data in calendar, at least for some countries.