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I’m currently trying to get my installation online using AIO w/ Docker on Windows 11. I have gotten the site accessible from only the machine it’s installed on and not any other device on the same local network. I’d really like to be able to access my NextCloud from another location as well. I was hoping to use DuckDNS if possible. I feel like I’m right on the edge of getting everything working right. I just need someone to help me finish the last little bit. Right now I’m getting “Domain does not point to this server or the reverse proxy is not configured correctly. See the mastercontainer logs for more details.” from (myIP):8080/containers in my browser.

Thank you for your time!

First of all I strongly recommend you to get a dedicated box running linux. Windows 11 works because it creates a hyper-v virtual drive, formatted as a Linux drive. However it is not officially supported on windows, so any issues you are facing, will not be supported by this community. When that is said, then you needs to attach a network device and a docker proxy device for routing listening ports on the windows host (you will need to open ports on the windows box for allowing trafic on those, and the proxy devices you makes for docker, needs to lsiten to those opened ports and forward to the nextcloud container on ports 80 and 443). Then you should be able to hit the nextcloud frontpage on any device on your LAN. All you will have to do after that - if the desire is to reach it from the outside world, is to NAT and port forward on your router to your windows 11 box.

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Hi @Jordan_Harris, maybe this helps you?

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