Non admin users can't see each other

Nextcloud users who are not admins are not presented with the Users menu on the web interface and so cannot see who the other users are, who the admins are, what the groups are and who is in them. Why are they deprived of that information? What is the logic?

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You’re right. As a user, I can’t see my friends who are in the same groups and who are not admin !..
I think that’s a bug…

You can see a list of users when you click to share a file, which is kind of the worst of both worlds – you can’t browse groups and users, if that is what is wanted, but if you wanted the user list to be confidential it isn’t.

What I was looking for is to see who is or not log in… In fact, only “admin” can bee seen for users…


What do we have to do to get the bug fixed?