No working connection in browser

This is surely a local issue in the way my office network is shut off from the rest of the world. However, it is perhaps a reproducible error or perhaps something seen in other contexts - would help in instructing our IT to solve it.
So this is what doesn’t work:

  • Login to trial, real (e.g. professionally hosted) or self-hosted installations of Nextcloud works fine.
  • The browser then, however, does not populate with all elements correctly, notable leaving out any mention of files/folders - see attached image - leaving the error
  • his operation is forbidden
  • Strangely, some things are displayed, e.g. file activity with a mention of the files;
  • some operations are allowed, such as downloading the files with “Download all files”.

Question is : what is being blocked and can it be fixed server-side or must one delve into the firewall? rules of the office network. Strangely, the German educational provider “Sciebo” (OwnCloud based) and other university-provided-installations work fine…



Do you have an ad blocker or something else? Can you use another browser?

You also can use the developer functions (mostly F12) and then “network analysis”. Perhaps something is blocked.

Actually there might be a “version” of an adblocker running in the background, albeit I’m not sure on-the-fly. What is installed and visible is “McAfee DLP Endpoint Chrome Extension” and - thanks for pointing it out - might be doing the cleansing!? Nonetheless, it does seem strange that other i.e. academic installations ( / of Own-/Nextcloud allow up-/downloading (I’ve just re-tested that with very different providers and it works fine). Clearly there might be some exception to certain URL’s that I’m not aware of as the end-user… Any further ideas?