No video support for .wav Files in NC25

After upgrade from NC 24.0.6 to NC 25.0 i have no more viedeo-support for .wav files.
NC is a docker-container. NC has no more the App video.
What can I do to play my .wav files?

.Wav are audio files. They have no video.

Waveform Audio File Format [3] (WAVE,[3] or WAV due to its filename extension;[3][6][7] pronounced “wave”[8]) is an audio file format standard, developed by IBM and Microsoft, for storing an audio bitstream on PCs.

Sorry I mean .mov Files

This highly depends on the installed plugins in your browser. You need to install a plugin that supports the decoding of those mov files. Usually this is not installed. Typically this is a codec package or comes with some video players.

Please check first to run the mov file directly in the browser without Nextcloud in between. For this usually a drag and drop into an empty browser tab should do the trick. If it downloads, then there is no codec available. If it plays back, please open a ticket in the video player app: GitHub - nextcloud/files_videoplayer: Old video viewer for Nextcloud

from [FEATURE REQUEST] Add support for .MOV format · Issue #9264 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Thank you for the quick answer.
I don’t no what I do now. The .mov Files has shown on several Browser.
At this time I stay for my produktive Server with NC 24.0.6 with the video-app.
Over again Thanks

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