No user menu or menu options displayed

I’ve followed the next tutorial but with this Docker Compose file and everything works just as expected, the only thing I’m unable to fix is the HTTPS warning (even though I’m able to access it by the domain name; but I’m unable to connect any Nextcloud mobile app) and if accessed by domain name, no menus are displayed:

Accessing via local IP:

Accessing via domain name:

It’s configured with a Cloudflare Tunnel witch works (I’m able to access Nextcloud, just as seen in the screenshot)

hi @Santiago_Lara welcome to the forum :handshake:

you didn’t provide enough information to understand the issue. I can think about wrong reverse proxy config. two common issues I see often here:

  • missing trusted_proxies config
  • missing overwrite* settings

Please use the search - lot of issues have been discussed already.

cloudflare is known to create some issues.

btw - https doesn’t work for ip addresses, so “not secure” warning is expected.

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I fix it by disabling all JS / HTML / CSS minifier (I disabled everything, for debugging) in Cloudflare as a configuration rule:

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