No upload ⛔️❌ when saving from Adobe Photoshop on macOS

I’m having trouble saving Photoshop files over 100 MB with Nextcloud 3.13 (and earlier versions) on macOS. When saving files directly into a Nextcloud folder (from Adobe Photoshop), they fail to sync. Im getting this error:

"mytest.psd* is locked,
existing lock on file: 3 shared locks

Even a clean install or tests on another system is the same error.
When i duplicate the same file via the mac finder and add a “copy” syncing works.

:warning: I cannot modify PHP settings or other configurations since this is a managed Nextcloud instance provided by Ionos

Version: Managed Nextcloud - Enterprise
Hoster: Ionos
System: macOS Sonoma 14.5 (23F79)
Desktop App: 3.13.0git (build 22490)

I am not sure, but I mean to remember that Adobe was moving files and renaming them for editing or something like that, what might be difficult to track for the client. What you could try from client side, disable the client when you do the edits and then enable syncing after you have edited the file. It should then sync everything, however, if someone else is editing at the same time and there is some overlap, you will have conflict files.

For all other stuff, I suppose you have to check on the server side together with the client. Since it is managed, you can probably contact their support and if there are problems, they seem to have an enterprise subscription to escalate this directly with the enterprise support of Nextcloud.

I dont think it helps when i contact my hoster - they tell me nextcloud is the problem and they cant do anything.

Its annoying that this problem is only with Nextcloud - With other sync apps i dont have these problems.

When you close the Photoshop program, will the file be synchronised?

nope, it tries to sync again and again

Have you tried closing and reopening the desktop app? This solves my problem with iMovie files.

I think the best is to create an issue in GitHub - nextcloud/desktop: 💻 Desktop sync client for Nextcloud.

When they have the enterprise version, they also have enterprise support, so they can do something about it. And for paying customers, it is much easier for Nextcloud to allocate resources to this problem.

And you are also paying your provider… and you don’t need to waste time of volonteers helping each other on Nextcloud issues.

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