No update possible from 11.0.3

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So after initial problems updating, I flashed the latest version of Ubuntu Core on the SD and reinstalled everything. It worked like a charm (not really but nothing so far has) and at last i used “snap refresh nextcloud” to get the latest version - or so I thought. It now says that I am currently running on NextCloud 11.0.3 and there is no option to “update” under Version, it isn’t even checking, apparently.

When running “snap refresh nextcloud” again, it says ‘snap “nextcloud” has no updates available’. I am really at a loss here, I don’t know how to get to version 12. Help would really be appreciated.

Snaps run behind in terms of updates as - from what I gather - they’re packaged after release. However, given the staged nature of general updates, I can say I haven’t had a notification to upgrade to 12 as yet either on my “normal” install.

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That’s quite reassuring. Apparently I have managed to break my installation, however. I tried to restart by using sudo shutdown -r now via ssh and it restarted but apparently did not manage to get an IP address upon restart. I therefore couldn’t do anything via SSH and keyboard input also didn’t work. Is it supposed to be like that, that you actually have to leave the Pi on indefinitely?

Also, in the initial installation the updater let me choose the update channel and indicated its overall existence; now the area is just blank and doesn’t even say that my current version is “up to date”. Was that feature removed?

No, that little Pi has glitched out. Pull the power and try again.

Those channels do nothing in Snap, so it doesn’t really matter what they say or do, really. There are snap channels you can try instead though if you’re fancying a bit of beta.