No snap update available

Hello, I am running 26.06, when trying to upgrade I get "snap nextcloud has no updates available?
Can that be right or could it be something on my side?
Sorry if that’s an FAQ

It is right, check the channels here:
The release on snap is a bit slower, of course. When a new release comes, it will be pushed to bete and the stay there for a few weeks until it arrives stable.

As long as you don’t hold the automatic refresh manually snap will do it itself if there is a new version. BY default it checks each hour iirc.

Yes, understood, but it seems the latest stable is 27.1.1, so should it not pick that up?

Sure, you installed nextcloud snap explicitely from the channel 26/stable. That means you now need to refresh to 27/stable or latest/stable manually.

Do this with this command:
sudo snap refresh nextcloud --channel=27/stable
Or with this command to keep updated automatically over major releases:
sudo snap refresh nextcloud --channel=latest/stable

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supercool - that works. Thank you so much.

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