No sharing e-mail address field

Hello all,
I hope someone can help me with this issue.
In Nextcloud 17.0.2 on my Ubuntu server, I’m not able to share a document by e-mail.
When I click the share button next to the document name, I see a new field with activity, share, reactions and versions.
But the share tab is empty. I was expecting a field to fill in an e-mail address or something.
Do I miss a configuration step?
The apps: share by mail and Social sharing via email ar enabled in the apps section.
Any help would be very appreciated.

Usually you will find this dialog if you press the share button on a file:
I would recommend to check the share settings under “Settings -> Management -> Sharing”.

Thanks J-ed for answering.
I expect the same Name oder E-mail adresse field/box (in dutch in my case). But nothing is there.

In settings everything looks okay to me.

I’m confused

I’ve just seen that I’ve activated the “Share by mail” app on my server. Most likely this will enable the mentioned field.

This share by mail app is activated. It is version 1.7.0.
I disabled it and re-enabled.
But same problem. No mail address field.
I have no idea what the problem is.