No push notification on Android


on my Samsung Galaxy S22 I get no push notifications from the Nextcloud App.
I have installed Version 3.29.0 of the App.
Inside the App I can see the notification, but not on the Lock Screen.

What can I do to solve this issue?

Is it the F-Droid version? If so: GitHub - nextcloud/android: πŸ“± Nextcloud Android app

No, App is from Google Play Store

In that case, check Android’s App info β†’ Notifications settings for the app. Maybe they got turned off accidentally or something within the OS?


Notifications are allowed. On other Apps like Threema etc. it works fine.


I have the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet. I can also see the notifications in the app there, but not on the lock screen.
Is it the app or a setting in Nextcloud?