No previews for videos (.mov)

Hello all,

I’m new to Nextcloud and got it from a cloud provider. Everything was already installed and i didnt have to do anything. Its running v 25.

How can i enable preview for videos?

Reminder that i do not have access to the operating system my nextcloud is on. I just have a list of predetermined occ commands I’m able to run. The ones labeled as previews are:

config:system:set preview_max_filesize_image --type=integer --value %VALUE%

config:system:set preview_max_memory --type=integer --value %VALUE%

preview:generate-all %USER%



I havent run the first two but tried the 3rd and 4th one yet theres no preview for any video format

Appreciate any help.

Hoping not to have misunderstood your question:
You need

  • avconv or ffmpeg to be installed on the server

When that is the case, you must

  • add this extra preview provider in the designated array of your config/config.php:
           => 'OC\\Preview\\Movie',

When one of these two requirements are not fullfiled, no preview images of videos.

I would like to refer to: Previews in nextclouds latest admin documentation

Just my 2 cent
I hope I could help

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Thank you. Unfortunately as you said its not possible because apparently the provider has disabled preview for videos for performance reasons and said they do not have any workaround.


if you don’t have admin rights :

  • install ffmpeg only the first steps into your nextcloud dir : John Van Sickle - FAQ
  • set ‘preview_ffmpeg_path’ => ‘<complete_path_to_ffmpeg>’, into your config.php file :slight_smile: