No option to upgrade from 22.2.5 to 23

I’m running two instances of nextcloud on the latest stable Ubuntu server with Apache.

One instance is on 23.0.2, while the other is on 22.2.5, with no option to upgrade to 23.

You can force your nextcloud to upgrade. Change the release channel from stable to beta, reload the website, upgrade all (GUI or occ) and after upgrade change back from beta to stable.

Please read first:

It is normal that not all nextclouds get the upgrade at the first day or week in channel stable.. But i don’t know if the upgrade is now officially through for all instances in channel stable.

We had this issue several times:

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Thanks, I saw all this posts before I posted mine as none of them explain why on the same box I have one instance on 22 and another on 23’ both on the stable channel.