No option to auto upload videos android 7.0 galaxy s7 edge

have tried both stable and dev versions, the option to auto upload just isn’t there on galaxy s7 edge.
same version has option on older galaxy s5

actually having to use the OWNCLOUD client on the S7 to work.
before I file bug report wanted to see if anyone else notices this misssing option on android 7 and galaxy s7 edge.

Actually if you look in the settings there is an “Auto Upload” section and settings as well, but like your subject suggest (but not the body of the post) it does not seem to do video, or perhaps it cannot only do video.

I am actually using the owncloud app as well, which appears to work. It’s unfortunate, but the apps currently appear to be similar enough that I can use this as a work around. Hopefully the nextcloud app will get an udpate soon. Since switching to nextcloud I have been loving how streamlined the interface is, so I am looking forward to the app gaining this functionality. I basically use it to backup my videos, and I use another server for handling photos.

as an update I find the nextcloud client is NEVER auto uploading anything.
possibly due to dcim being on external sd card on android 7.x +?