No notification for updates?

The NC admin has a red dot on the bell icon in case of available Nextcloud updates.

I have created a group for Nextcloud announcements

and one user is member of that group. So i reckon that this user should be notified when NC updates are available.

But that user don’t have the bell icon?

How can that user know that updates are available?

Thank you.

Update notifications are handled by the “update notifications” app:

The group to notify about updates can then be selected on the version section of the admin start page:

Thank you @nickvergessen, i already had the notification app installed, but not added the group in the admin settings.

Now the group is added but i can’t find any notifications for that user which is member of the group. I did log out and login again and wait for the cronjob already.

Should that be a bell icon same like that of the admin or where should i find the notification?

Thank you!

Yeah they will show up there, but only for new updates that are found after you enabled all the apps and changed the group settings.