No mount after btrfs-replace. get data back via clients in a safe way?

dear all,

I have a nextcloudpi installation working fine (installation on SD, data on external ssd). i used “btrfs-replace” to upgrade my external ssd 1TB to a bigger one. procedure seemed to work with no errors. however, ncp did not see any data folder after the process. it seemed that there was nothing mounted. also after reboot no drive of the two mounted. I tried to fix at least one of the two drives with common findings on the internet about corrupted btrfs. but it seems the source drive does not even contain a btrfs anymore and the target is too not mountable, but should contain data - however data is inaccessiable / not mountable due to a chunk error. very sad to experience that this method is destroying everything (nearly, including my nerves).

still available is my nextcloudpi instance itself, which seems to be running. i have all my data synced on two clients. i only have btrfs-snapshots on a third drive and config backups.
my question - what is the best workflow to:

  • prepare my new external data drive but still using my original instance on the raspi-sd
  • upload the files from my 2 clients to the 2 users

thanks in advance.

there was no solution so far. data had to be recovered from clients and scanned into a fresh installation. be careful with btrfs-replace - not sure if this is a “safe” feature.