No more user space left .... ? But I have Unlimited space


i do have enough space offered by my hosting provider, so this shouldn’t be a problem at all. But when I go to Nextcloud, menu, user than I see, that my admin Account is using already approximately 90 & of the space and soon I want be able to upload anything. But how is that possible? Ive set it to unlimited so it should be working.

But other users do have still enough space. But also they will reach their limit ? What can i do to remove that limit ?

Please take a look at the screen shoot attached.

for me this looks like you’re writing all data into the admin-directory. with limited space.

you chould check the path to your unlimited space and move your userdata-directory there. the forum knows how to move your data-directory safely and correct.

but though: whatever you’d do - do backups.

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ok, can I find the informations online how to do backups and how to move it ?

this should be possible… for both.
as for backups: there will be many ways to do them (you even could try ncbackup-app)
as for moving data-directory: i’m sure there are several solutions here on the forum.

We have the same problem, but our nextcloud instance is in /var/www and we have more than 300GB free space …