No longer Auto-Upload after accidentally canceling the upload list

After I set up automatic upload in version 15, I found it was uploading normally. But before everything was completed, I accidentally clicked on the ‘X’ sign at the top right of the uploading list. After that, no matter how I set it up, it will not continue to auto-upload the pictures which have not been uploaded.

Any suggestions? Or add a recheck and retransmit feature?

How should the app know which data you want to upload if you’ve deleted that information?! I think two ways exist to transfer the data

  1. You activate the option to upload everything in a folder, which causes all picture to be uploaded again.
  2. You select the missing pictures manually and upload them to the server.

I am not sure if you have made clear what information I deleted. What I deleted is the uploading-list inside the “Uploads”, which list is auto-created by the auto-uploading feature in Settings - Auto upload.

It is difficult to upload manually. You need to check the shooting date of each picture, and then transfer it to the corresponding “subfolder based on year and month of pictures”, which can/should automatically be done by the App’s auto-uploading feature.
I have thousands of photos in my phone, some of which were taken 10 years ago.

What I expect is that the App can re-compare the list of local pictures and the list of pictures that have been backed up in the server, find the ones that have not been backed up yet, and upload them again.

Or the app ask user to Confirm whether to upload those un-upload old pictures.

add a “Recheck files + Ask and Confirm” feature to the app may be the best solution.

There is always room for improvements as you can see if you check the list of auto upload related issues on Github. Nevertheless this won’t solve your problem now, because no-one will guarantee that such a function will be implemented soon.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the APP temporarily resolved this issue.
Tested in version: 16.1.0 andriod

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