No login possible on odroid-installation [solved]



I downloaded the last version of Nextcloud for Odroid, wrote it to sd-card, made a “touch ssh” in the root-folder and started the machine with it. I get into the web-interface and can work there. SSH is not enabled and if I try to enable it, I get the message, that root has the standart-password and that’s a security-issue and therefore SSH will not be enabled.

Login to the machine direct via keyboard and monitor: with pi and raspberry I get incorrect login. Login with ncp and his password works - I get the login-berry-image, but that ends immediately with a logout.

What can I do?


Found it myself:
login user: root, password: 1234


nachoparker wrote:

please, read the wiki for a guide.

in odroid there is no pi user. you have to do root and then a new password that is not the default 1234

you can activate SSH through ncp-web


What I did before I even bought an Odroid-computer: I read the wiki and tried the first install on my Raspberry Pi. And I read it anew, when I had the NC-image on the Odroid running. And when I could not login to the console, I read the wiki for the third time. I’m very sorry, but I did not find the information about how to login to the Odroid-OS. Please point me to that paragraph.

And by the way: I can not find any information regarding “raspi-config” in the wiki. I need that to configure my language and keyboard.

What I did read, when I gathered information about Nextcloud: “Easy to set up for non technical users”. My knowledge about Debian levels near zero, but with distributions I work already for a while (about 19 years). So I should have no difficulties …



It is not part of NCP but of Raspbian


Spielmops does not believe this …



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