No internet connection on FreeNAS

Has anyone found a solution to this issue because it seems unclear that there is? I’ve installed Freenas and Nextcloud through it and tried to do an upde but I get :

Security & setup warnings

  • This server has no working Internet connection. This means that some of the features like mounting external storage, notifications about updates or installation of third-party apps will not work. Accessing files remotely and sending of notification emails might not work, either. We suggest to enable Internet connection for this server if you want to have all features.

Can someone help with this?

Please check if you can connect from your server to an outside host or if a firewall or your network settings are preventing this:


If that works, please check your logfiles (Nextcloud, webserver) if you can find related messages (failing certificate verification, …). Make sure that the time on your server is correct (it shouldn’t be more than a couple of seconds off):


Same issue here, checked both of these. Can ping internet, and date is accurate. Are there other tests?

Logfiles? Perhaps increase log level to get more information. If that does not work, we have to check which function is used in the code and try it with a small snippet of code. Could be a disabled function or other security settings.

Let me see if I can find how to change logging level. This is the only thing I see:
Could not get application: cURL error 35: error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure

Already did some searches on the cURL error 35 to no avail.
Here’s the debug log:

Normally these websites are checked:

Can you test these URLs manually with curl?

curl -v

if there is an error? Could be that the certificate chain of your server is not up to date (some old ones don’t have the root-cert of letsencrypt), or perhaps a protocol mismatch, …

I just checked all domains on FreeBSD 11.1 and didn’t see errors.

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Apparently I found my problem:

root@nextcloud_1:/ # curl -v
curl: Command not found.

This is freeNAS 11.1-U5 running the plugin in a jail. I’ll have to troubleshoot why it can’t find curl in the jail apparently.

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I had exactly the same issue and ended up with installing curl in the jail - did not help!
Did it help for you or did you find another solution?