No idea what to do

Server is locked.


and it would be amaze balls if just one person out of the supposedly 10000 of people would ummm IDK, help me a little?

Without any information about your server, we cannot help you.


I just do not understand how I get into these bizarre stituations where tens of thousands of people can use next cloud no issue and I am always the only one. Not one single thing I have ever just tried to use has ever worked, no matter what it is, nothing works and I am always the only one.

So apprently a nextcloud being locked is not common at all. So what am I to do? Just give up?

if you fill in all the exact details/versions about your system and what was changed from when it was working, until it wasnt working may help, otherwise then yes give up as no-one can really help without details

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But it has never worked

let us all just consult the crystal ball then

on a serious note, maybe start again? (or use a hosted service where all the configuartion is already done)
the guide i followed to setup was very clear and conscise, video and wiki

I do not understand what the issue is

I have been for months now trying to get support and all I do is get picked on.

Obviously this should never have been released, obviously it dont work.

And this support is sad.

The members are literally not helpful at all

And no one cares

Hi i would help of i could (im in no way advanced though), but without a single bit of information no-one can really help.

again i would suggest a new thread with every specific detail/version/hardware etc, configuration details, the more detail the better…

Without any of that, no one can help… if you dont want to provide that detail, then again i suggest to start over, following a guide like i posted above, OR get a 3rd party hosted solution.

I am willing to pay you

And no one should have to beg like I am, no one

save your money, just detail your system specifics and the issues with plenty of detail and the community here will probably be able to sort it, good luck!

This is just sad

How do i retrieve the info you just so badly need?

if you create a new support thread you will see the required details, and this isnt saying i can help or know ho to fix it, but the clever people here may have an idea if they have all that information

And how do i retrieve it?

Try at least to describe what the problem is in a full sentence. I mean you itterally posted four words in your original post. Start with what OS you are using, on what device you installed it, what tutorial you used. I mean what the heck does “server locked” even mean? Did your mother lock it in a closet? ;-p Sorry but if you don’t see any issue with your post, I can’t help you. But maybe you’re just trolling…


The reason everyone needs to know information to help you is because there are many ways of doing things and one solution may not fit your situation.

-What Operating system is nextcloud installed ?
-Is this your personal server or a VPS that your using ?
-If a VPS service that your using what are the specs of the VPS your using (how many cpu and memory) ?

How was the nextcloud server installed ? Did you follow some instruction someplace, docker installed or snap install ?

When you say server is locked can you log into the server with SSL or putty or something or is the machine completely locked up ? Or are you saying the nextcloud is locked only but the server is running ?

Please describe some things so people can help you. It’s worth learning to be patient for this if you really want nextcloud. I have been frustrated with my own issues on nextcloud but after some time spent working on things it’s really worth it.

The server hardware can freeze for many reasons. Starving for resources can be one and unresponsive software can cause application freeze while the hardware may keep on running. This is why people want to know what you mean by server locked and more details.

Please advise

let’s start a bit easier…
is there any important data on your server so far?
would it be possible to restart the installation from scratch (don’t go into action, I’d like to suggest more things first)?

you see the problem now? We are asking questions here. And no response of yours… so I thought to myself: well maybe s/he doesn’t know where to start with it, whoch would be ok.

And so I asked 2 questions of which I think everyone could answer them. But… no answer again. So THIS is THE problem, you see?

ad Q1: IF there was any important data on your server the rest of my questions would be in vain. But on the other hand: IF there was any important data on your server why would you wait months for answers…?

ad Q2: given that there’s no real important dataloss for you I guess it would be easier to start anew with an installation. In your case I would strongly suggest to buy a hosted instance where the hoster is responsible for the installation and maintainance. Selfhosting? Well… NC isn’t just a piece of software you’d install once and then let it go unattended… And even if I personally think that it’s nothing for you there are still options to selfhost an instance… with technical tricks/tools which will do most of the setup and maintainance for you. VM, Docker etc.
That was the background of my questions…

So maybe you now feel able to answer?