No "Gallery View" In Nextcloud 15 Shared Links

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  1. Create Shared Link
  2. Open Shared Link, but no option as before in Nextcloud 14 to change to Gallery View.

The same here.
Does somebody know if there already exists an issue on github?


This issue has not been sovled in nextcloud-15.0.1. Is it planned to be fix soon?

Have a nice day!

There is a Issue on Github.

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Cool, I didn’t see. Thanks!

Thanks, but this is not the same as gallery view in previous versions.

It’s possible to put back old behaviour, or add option to switch to gallery next to grid option ?

Thank you



While we’re waiting for the fix, is there a way to display the grid view without the button/link ? Maybe there is specific url to use ?

I just found the good url:

A public URL with files view is:
A public URL with gallery view is :

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Took me while to find this thread (almost opened mine as "public shared links: files view has no gallery-button "). Checking two installations I admin on Nextcloud 14.0.8 it works and on 15.0.5 still not. Not sure why because in github I read:

@MorrisJobke MorrisJobke modified the milestones: Nextcloud 15.0.3, Nextcloud 16 on Jan 14

@weeman1337 weeman1337 referenced this issue on Jan 15 Open

Accpetance tests for the grid toggle button on public pages #13613

@MorrisJobke MorrisJobke closed this in #13514 16 days ago

Does this come only after 15.0.5 or should this work already?


gallery-view doesn’t work since 15.0. It was planned to be fixed in 15.0.2 or 15.0.3 then reported to 16.0 AFAIK.

Ok, thanks. So it makes almost sense to stay on 14.0.8 and directly update to 16.

I’m not sure when or if the “Gallery-View” will ever be what it was before. With the implementation of the “Grid-View” The photos, videos and all other things will be loaded like folders just like the current setup on Nextcloud 15 installs. The commit on github does fix the issue if you are interested in changing the file before the Nextcloud 16 release. The fix on Github can be found HERE. Its the public.php file found in apps/files_sharing/templates/public.php.

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Fixed since 15.0.7 :grinning:

I did upgrade 15.0.5 to 15.0.7
So when surfing to NC/index.php/apps/gallery/s/gAlErYiD the list icon is present at the top right.
Clicking it the URL becomes NC/index.php/s/gAlErYiD?path=%2F and a list of the folders with images is shown.
Clicking on the four squares icon the URL remains the same, only instead of a detailed list bigger folder icons horizontally get shown. But there is no image preview on the folders like in the apps/gallery view, so I would not see that as fixed, like Bellusterra is indicating it might not get like before. I’m stunned this GUI feature is not seen as useful anymore. :frowning:


I don’t remember if (before the bug) a public share can be displayed as a list and as a gallery view, or as a list and as a grid view. I thought it was as a grid view.
The big difference between gallery and grid view is gallery only shows pictures. Grid view shows everything. Anyway with list or grid view, it’s possible to launch slideshow with pictures… perfect for me.

Maybe it could be nice to have grid view and gallery view.

Is there a way to access the grid view directly by altering the shared URL in some way?
As a photographer, I’d like to give clients / models a link that directly shows a gallery or at least a grid view of a shared folder containing images.
(Nextcloud 15.0.12 currently)

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I still miss this very much. If any dev is reading please have some love to improve the file/image GUI. I think this is the core of NC as a lot of non-users get to see this interface when NC users share links. So anything smoother then the competition is appreciated and IMHO more in the user focus then adding a lot of features not directly related to file sharing and sync.


I would will say that all the above comments are good points, The previous Gallery View had more effective use of screen space, also, having little tags to indicate the file type, long press to multi select, ability to hide title, etc are really good.

Is there a chance that this issue will be fixed one time? For many of our users it is quite annoying to have to download all documents without having a preview gallery. This is quite often the case with sharing links of hundreds of big size pictures. We would really appreciate if someone could solve the problem… :slight_smile:

NC 15 and also NC 16 are already end of life.
According to the Github issues, this should work again since NC16.

I’m currently on NC19 and I have a “Grid View” for public shares.