No Email before deletion

I do not receive the email before deletion. I receive email about the activities in my account, that works (not via this app). In the Retention App it is possible to check the box “Send an email one day before deletion”. I do not receive this email as admin. Deleting the file from the folder works. Great.
But how can I activate the email notification?

have you setup your nc email-server (admin account - setup - administration - basic setup) correctly so that it is able to send out emails?

have you ticked email-box A file or folder got deleted under admin-account - setup administration - activity? (there’s a personal setting as well)

ja, wenn eine Datei hochgeladen wird, bekomme ich autom über diese Aktivität eine Email. Muss ich auch einen Haken bei “Datei gelöscht” setzen? Aber dann bekomme ich ja eine Email vom System, wenn die Datei gelöscht wurde. Ich dachte, ich bekomme einen Tag vorher eine Email, quasi als Warnung, dass die Zeit abgelaufen ist und die Löschung bevor steht.

am I allowed to kindly remind you that you posted in the intl. section of the forum and that we agreed to

  • speak the intl. language there (i guess it’s English)
  • trying to be polite and answer in the language that was used in starting thread
  • not hijack threads into other languages :wink:

i think there’s nothing like a kind timer which would do that. Maybe that would be a great idea for your first self-coded app? devs at nextcloud would give you hints if you’d got stuck.

It’s very nice that you think I can do this, but I’m brand new at NC (I’ve known owncloud for a long time), but I’m not IT but a physician. I don’t have the time at the moment and the app should have this function.

so maybe you want to drop a feature request here or at github?

honestly, i don’t know exactly what you mean, since i’m new here and i don’t know exactly what a feature request is? Github is the developers forum? should I ask there if someone is programming such a feature or that this is a bug because the app is supposed to run it?

ummm… you think a certain app is missing a feature… right? (in your case: a kind of timer warning you about certain files getting deleted soon).

so this would qualify - from my point of view - for a typical feature-request. additional functionality should be suggested via a “feature request”

and yes… github is the place where the develloping is happening. ummm… kind of.

if you don’t wanna file it there you could do it here as well… as there is a subcategory on the forum called feature requests :wink:

please note that there’s no guarantee that someone is gonna pick up on your suggested request so if you wanna have it done at all cost you might need to do it yourself in the end.

I think it is a mistake, because the feature is there

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awww. I wasn’t aware of that! Sorry. :frowning:

so which app exactly do you run doing the cleanup for you? is it retention?

yes, retention

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whoa that’s pretty well hidden. right.

if you’re sure that you enabled every neccessary setting under activity and it wouldn’t work then, of course, it would be a bug and you should file it on github.

make sure it hasn’t been posted before and try to give out as much information as possible about your server, environment, etc…

and don’t forget to re-link the filed issue as an answer to here as well…

the question is, what would be the right setting?

i dunno for sure…
why not trying?

i would start with the very last one (it isnt listed in your screenshot, though)… something like notify about your own actions via email

and everything about deletion…

ok, i will try it