"No disk space left on server" after updating to AIO 8.1.0

Immediately after updating to 8.1.0, I get “No disk space left on server” upon opening any Collabora document. Fine prior to update. 100 GB left on drive. No files added or changed since the update. Cannot use Collabore or open any document.

Host OS

Proxmox LXC

Nextcloud AIO version


Current channel


Other valuable info

Nothing in logs.

It’s strangely difficult to determine free space with AIO NC. The LXC has 300 GB reserved, NC app said 190 out of 195 GB used, after deleting 20 GB of files, it says 170 out of 173 GB used (???). But the problem is new, I haven’t seen it ever.

Please help.

Hi, can you post the output of sudo df -h here?