No data-folder option migrating from Docker to LXD

Hello and thanks alot for this migration-guide. But I cant follow step 6. 1. because there are no data-folder option at ncp-config and what web UI? httpd is not running at this time, right?
What I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

@IjonTichy Yes, it should be at https:// where you will be greeted with an activation page. After activation you should be able to access the admin web interface at https://:4443. You can find the container ip with lxc list.
Maybe I should add the NCP activation step to the guide :smiley:

This seams to work only, if you dont work on a remote maschine. Here I work per ssh with an ubuntu server. That means, I have no access to the web interface on this ip. And now?

You can use ssh port forwarding or get a console of the container (lxc console ) and run ncp-config. From there you will have to choose the options nc-admin and then nc-passwd (in the CONFIG category). That will activate NCP