No content of large folders in Android app

I have a folder with about 80000 folders with 2 to 3 files in every. On my iPhone I get the content of this large folder. On my Android device, which is more important, not.

What can I do?

As far as I know we never have tested it with such a large value.
Do you see any error message?

I have tested it with 100.000 empty folders and it took about 5minutes to show the folder listing.
So it seems technically be possible, but not that usable :wink:
We want to replace the internal mechanism which displays those lists. This will speed it up somehow, but the client still would have to get infos about 100.000 folders (like size, creation date, …) and this will take some time.

Thanks for the answers. No, there is no error message. When opening the folder the app is loading for about 1 Minute and then I get “No files…”

Could it be a problem of my hardware? I use an Inten Atom with 2 cores (1,6 GHz), 2GB RAM, Ubuntu 16.04 on SSD (Nextcloud too). The data folder is on a USB HDD.

The hardware should be fast enough, maybe the internet connection is limiting it.
It seems for me that somehow the folder listing is timing out and therefore showing the default “no files” screen.
Can you give me somehow access to this folder? ( with reference to this thread)

Sorry for the late answer. I tried a hardware tweak. Now I have 4 cores and all nc data on a SATA drive (not USB anymore). Now my nextcloud is faster but there’s no luck with the large folder.

But what I have seen: all the files are marked as locked. When I truncate the mysql table oc_file_locks and open the folder in nc web client all files will be locked again after some minutes.

If you already want: yes, I can give you access to the folder.

just write me to android at nextcloud dot com with a reference to this thread and I will have look.

Just talked to the server guys. If the value is “0” it means “not locked” and it is then fine that those files are in the table.

Only 6 files of (the first 1000 in the table) have status 0, all have 1.

I will send you the login data for my nc instance.

I upgraded to Nc 12 and now the folder is available.

Thanks to all the People around Nextcloud for this Upgrade!

But: is there a way to get the content of the folder cached? Every acces to it takes 2 to 3 minutes. When I open 1 of the subfolders and then go back into the parent one - the same. A cache with a refresh every x hours would be great.

Glad to hear.
Showing the folder content consists of (roughly) three parts: a) fetching folder and file infos and b) parsing them and c) displaying them.
If you have too many items a) and b) will still be very fast, but during c) for each entry all items (folder name, size, icons…) will be computed; even if they are not displayed.
This is due to the “old” list view. We are planning to replace this with the new recycler view, but this will take some time.

I see this with NC17 and the android app 3.10. In my case it’s a folder with many photos. After some time loading, the app just shows “no files”. Viewing the same folder with the web client works.

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Google Pixel 4
NextCloud App 3.11.1
Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB RAM) & NexCloudPi version (NextCloud 18.0.4)
WD Elements 2TB (USB 3.0)

i am also sad about the same problem.
I am patient but i have this problem since weeks and i do not believe that my great working Pi is the issue. There is no other problem until now.

No pictures are shown under "Photos" menu entry , respectively, is probably related but still unfixed.