No clients connect after upgrade to 12.0.8

I just upgraded from 12.0.7 to 12.0.8 since I had some down time and like to keep my server up-to-date.

I noticed immediately after the upgrade that I can no longer connect via the Linux Desktop clients (I only have Linux - 2.3.3 of the clients - I am logging into the clients remotely, but that’s never been an issue before; also replicated on devices I have with me right now).

They all give “No connection to Nextcloud at myserver. Operation canceled”.

One of my boxes was still connected via client after the upgrade and continued to work until I logged out. Now it won’t log in and has the same message.

I thought “Maybe I’m being bit by the black list”. Nope. My IP’s are white listed and if I use the client option to load the webpage, the browser lets me log in just fine from every device on multiple web browsers.

I can’t find anything in the logs that is obvious. A restart of the services and even the server and the clients did nothing.

[Edit] Figured it out. I’m running Nextcloud off of Nginx instead of Apache and did something silly when I was configuring another Nginx hosted site. I’m baffled as to why the web worked but the clients did not, but that silly little issue completely broke the other site. I fixed it and all is well.


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