No Automatic Initial Sync After Desktop Client Installation

Hello All,

I’m a loooong time Google Drive / OneDrive / Dropbox user that has seen the light and has stood up his first instance of a NextCloud server, and installed both the Windows Desktop and Android mobile app clients.

My Environment:

  • Client Version: 2.5.3daily-Win64 (build 20190725)

  • Server Version: 16.0.4

While I have been more than pleased with the awesome functionality of NextCloud - I cannot say the same is true regarding the initial sync of the Desktop Client. As a user looking to migrate from the aforementioned, one thing they have done and continue to do very well is the AUTOMATIC INITIAL SYNC of the desktop client.

I have thus far found this to be lacking - could I be missing something? From my very brief testing it looks like the desktop client does not sync unless you make a change within the folder on the local PC. The only solution I’ve found so far is to manually edit the config file and append the following section:


I’ve found the above three settings to give me the almost immediate sync feel of Dropbox (and the like). Is this the normal expected behavior of the desktop clients out of the box?

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