No access to the cloud

Latest I have no access to the cloud storage of our organisation since a few days.

If I start I get the following failure:
“This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with > PHP 8.0.
You are currently running 8.1.12.”

No one of our organisation have access. Whats the things to do with these failure? Please help us with a clear descrition what to do. I think the failure is from nextcloud side, but I´m not really sure.
thanks for your support.

Honestly I think the error is pretty clear, your server is running a PHP version (8.1) which the installed Nextcloud version (which one?) does not support. So, temporary enable a PHP version < 8.1, upgrade your nextcloud to a compatible version and then you can re-enable php 8.1.

Do you have a Description to change the PHP to an loser version?
I‘ m Not an expert to IT stuff, but my idea is that Nextcloud have to change the Version.
Thanks for your Support!!!

You need to install PHP needed version with all modules. Here is an official docu, here is an example:

Than enable needed PHP Version in you webserver, and restart it.

There is a how to switch between different PHP versions e.g. for Ubuntu:

You practical say nothing about your environment :wink: so hard to say what the steps are.
But usually the server does not change php versions on its own. Maybe an admin has updated the server?
Nextcloud itself works fine with 8.1 in current versions, so you’re definitely missing updates here.

You find your Nextcloud version with the url https://cloud.server.tld/status.php. Also you can read something about the Nextcloud requirements for your Nextcloud version.

Nextcloud 25 requirements
Nextcloud 24 requirements
Nextcloud 23 requirements (not supported)
Nextcloud 22 requirements (not supported)
Nextcloud 21 requirements (not supported)
Nextcloud 20 requirements (not supported)

I think you use Nextcloud 23 or less. Post your version. Change your PHP-version to a version that is supported for your actual and the next Nextcloud release (+1). Upgrade to the next Nextcloud release. Repeat this until Nextcloud 24 or Nextcloud 25.

Use the command line based updater if possible. Between the upgrades change to Nextcloud GUI administration panel.

Thanks to all for the support!!!
The problem is already solved with your support…

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