No access Nextcloud and how to re-install

Hello everybody and thanks for your futur help,

I have installed a server Nextcloud on debian 11 since 1 year and have no problem by using wireguard for synchronise with my mobile and desktop.
Since 1 month, I had no more access to my server nextcloud even on my mobile: I check evereything (my rooter, NAT, the port, ufw, hosts, etc.) but I had to re-install a new client wireguard and to re-active the ssh link so now I have access via teminal to my server but not to Nextcloud on localhost even.
My question is how can I re-install Nextcloud so I can use the app on my mobile and sync with my server with Wireguard ?I would like to keep my old data and make a re-install of Nextcloud or any other way to re-install it without doing all the install mysqldb, php and the application ?

If the issue is outside Nextcloud, such as with your network or VPN configuration than there should be no need to reinstall Nextcloud.

What happens, specifically, when try to reach your Nextcloud URL via your VPN connection?

If there is an issue with Nextcloud itself, there will be indications in yournextcloud.log inside the data directory.

I use now an old clone of my server NC so my question is now: how can I recover my data from my other broken server by using rsync or any other way.