NFS, Docker, Nextcloud & Permissions

Hello all,

Thank you for any and all direction.

The Goal: To have Nextcloud with MariaDB running as a Docker container with Nextcloud Data stored on a network share.

My Problem: I am not able to create a Nextcloud container that can access the NFS mount to map the data directory on first boot.

What i think i need: a really dummies level guide to setting the right permission in docker (example puid), Ubuntu (example www-data or similar) and Synology (user names etc).

Steps so far:

  • The only success i have had is by using the “Squash” option in NFS permission on my Synology NAS and setting it to “Map all users to admin”. I don’t see this as a safe route to take but it has given me hope that it is simply a permissions issue i need to solve between Synology, Ubuntu and Docker.
  • I have followed a number of support threads on this forum, the docker forum and many YouTube videos
  • modified permissions of the mount and the mount point from within the Ubuntu system
  • created volumes in Portainer that access the NFS share and then added them to the compose file with nextcloud
  • created users that match my synology NAS users in the Ubuntu system
  • I have learned so so so much about Ubuntu, Linux, docker and other utilities that i have enjoyed but eventually we all want to achieve something right?

Thank you so much for any help or direction. I appreciate all the information already on this support forum that is helping me learn so much

My Setup:
Docker Server = NUC running Ubuntu 20.04,
NAS = Synology DS218

Current Software:
Ubuntu 20.04 running…

  • Nginx Proxy Manager as a reverse proxy service
  • Portainer as a GUI for container images

Future plans:

  • PiHole
  • Unifi Controller
  • Collabora
  • Homeassistant
  • A place to play and try out new things (now planning on doing this on another Host since Ive been caught so long on my first attempt!)