NextWiki: What do you think about this idea?

What do you think about this idea?

Goal of NextWiki

NextWiki should be a Wiki that can be easily integrated into Nextcloud.

It should provide the usual “Term --> Content” mapping which Wikis provide.

Every term should automatically be a hashtag that can be used in different places (chat, markdown, …).

This way it should be very easy to link between wiki pages and between chat messages and wiki pages.


Alice is new at Foo Company and she asks Bob in the chat:

Alice> Hi Bob, how are holiday requests handled at Foo Company?

Bob> See #Vacation

The hashtag “#Vacation” should be rendered as a hyperlink to the wiki page “Vacation”. There Alice can read how holiday requests are handled at Foo Company.

Per #Term

For every term/page:

  • The URL should be nice.
    Example: (not https://example/wiki?page=37a8b992e9ff )
  • Changes are versioned: a log of “who edited what” exists
  • It should be possible to see the difference between two versions.
  • A version can get a label (example “version 1.0”)

Use cases

  • Company/Family wide knowledge base
  • Store the documents of an ISO-9001 certification

Combine file-tagging with #hashtags?

NextCloud already provides file-tagging maybe it would simplify a lot if both lists of terms get combined.

In personal context: Imagine you have a dog called “Wuffi”. You could create a wiki page “Wuffi”. This automatically makes a tag “Wuffi” available. Then you could tag your foto of your dog with the tag “Wuffi”. If you show your friend a foto with the tag “Wuffi” (via Nextcloud), the user could click on the tag and he gets to the wiki page of the dog. There you can add more details. Like dog breed, date of birth, …

In a business context: Imagine there is an import project. Let’s call it master-plan. You could tag files with “master-plan” and simultaneously create a wiki page for it. All employees involved can find and share #master-plan easily. The wiki pages contain all a list of all files with the tag (auto-created) and the manual content created by users.


Updates to this idea are here: GitHub - guettli/NextWiki: NextWiki should be a Wiki which can be easily integrated into Nextcloud


Sorry to see nobody hasn’t yet replied. I think a wiki app would be killer for Nextcloud. So many smaller organizations are striving for knowledge management, but they lack the resources and technical expertise to set up a proper, protected, intra-organization wiki. Part of this is that they don’t know how much it would ease their burden and workflows as (afaik) there isn’t an easy, truly cost effective solution.

We have a higher-end wiki (for better ux) in one association and they love it. The only downside is that the platform (well… Confluence) is HUGE, absolutely oversized for the use case, but having a low threshold seemed the only way to get people to actually use such a system.

The platform is also a bit of a burden to administer and it really doesn’t handle big attachments or data masses well on our low-end hardware. Now that the knowledge part is in pretty good condition, storing other organizational data files (which there exists a lot in forms of pictures, videos, and audio recordings) is the most apparent problem; it would go perfectly with Nextcloud.

Heck, I’ve been seeking for an easy small-scale wiki platform for only myself to keep my things and thoughts organized, and secure, but still well available. There are many kinds of tinkering tools but I’d want my notes to be on a robust platform and safe. What could be better than having also your knowledge in your personal cloud?

All in all, I think wiki is one of the easiest ways to common KM and it is really missing from about every productivity software suite. I like your idea and would like to see it realized :slight_smile:

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I do think this is a good idea, but i currently don’t have time to start developing yet another project.

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@TessyPowder you have two hands. You can use the left for one keyboard, and the right hand for an other keyboard…

Just joking.

There are several Wikis available. Since I am looking for a wiki at the moment, I created a list:

Do you think a wiki for nextcloud needs to written from scratch, or it makes more sense to use an existing wiki engine?

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Welcome to Nextcloud!!!

I am not sure, but i think it might be easier to start from scratch.

I am waiting for such a wiki, would be perfect for getting organized bites and pices of information!

Lionwiki is one of the most minimal wikis that I know that uses plain text files and therefore might be easier to integrate into Nextcloud?

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@Thomas_Guettler I think writing it from scratch would be good because:

  • NextCloud login/auth as primary user login and id
  • Store Wiki files as HTML files inside a normal NextCloud folder for easy integration of data history/access rights/backup. Name the files after the tags, don’t invent something fancy “hiding” the Wiki notes - instead ask users to uniquely name their files
  • Store Wiki files as HTML files inside a normal NextCloud folder for being able to link to other documents inside the same NextCloud and to be able to embed images from same folder
  • Use Wysiwyg embedded in NextCloud App for convenience
  • All the #tagging you mentioned above
  • I recommend charging for it, making support answers and “pro features” paid features, as this will be a needed plugin and you will have years of maintenance ahead and people will want to pay you to keep the plugin in a working/compatible state

A “confluence-like wiki” for NextCloud - but embedded with the folders - is highly needed.

Are you aware of this:


I am also looking for a valid solution to integrate a wiki in Nextcloud, but till now I found nothing good to take in consideration.

Maybe some of you want to try collectives? While it’s no full blown wiki, it is some kind of basic wiki.

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