Nextlcoud Office does not save new documents

Since some updates the Nextcloud Office App does not work as expected.

When I create a new documents (e.g. .docx) in the Web UI, Nextcloud Office imediately opens the document and the user can start to write.
However, the documents are not getting saved and after the user close NC Office, all content is gone. The documents exists but is emply.

If the user edit an exisitng Word Document with NC Office, all changed are getting saved.

We have the lastest NC Version and NC Office App version.
We use Social Login to connect ot an external IDP.

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What updates, precisely?

What do your Nextcloud logs?

And what about the our Collabora Online or CODE installation? Which are you using?

Document content is not saved when it was just created #238

Nextcloud server - version 28.0.4
Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server - version 23.5.1001
Nextcloud Office - version 8.3.4

It’s been several months already, but the issue is still not resolved. When creating a new document, the editor (CODE) opens immediately, allowing file editing, but the changes are not saved. Upon reopening the document, we see a blank file. However, now the changes made are saved properly. How to solve this problem?