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PHP version (eg, 7.4): 8.0

The issue you are facing: Problems with the NextCloud WebDav in Windows 10

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Steps to replicate it:

  1. Mount NextCloud WebDav in WindowsExplorer
  2. Try to copy some Files to the WebDav, wich are bigger than the free space on your C: Drive

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Keine Server-Log-Dateien
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I have no access to this

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I have no access to this


sorry, I’m new here. I son’t know how this works.

I try to explain my problem.

I have a NexCloud on admin Level. It runs on a 1TB StorageBox. I have no Access to the server or config Files.

That is ok for me. NextCloud is runnning smooth, everything fast and stable.
Just one thing: I have a problem with WebDav. I can mount and use it in Windows Rxplorer in Windows 10. But just with the size, that my C: drive is having free space.
At the moment, just 19GB are free on my C: Drive. So I can not copy 5 Files on my WebDav (1TB), wich together are 26GB big. I can coby Files that are 18GB together.

For me this is a big problem. I searched the internet but don’t found a solution.

(Sorry for my bad Englisch. I’m German and rty my very best)

Copy where? From WebDAV to C:? You can’t copy without enough free disk space.

I am not an expert when it comes to the inner workings of WebDAV and how exactly Windows handles that. But, if you only have 19GB of free disk space left, you need to find a permanent solution to free up disk space anyways. If this solution is meant to be Nextcloud, copy the files one by one and then delete them locally. If you need the files locally as well, buy a bigger disk for your computer or add an additional disk. USB disks / SSDs are cheap nowdays. :wink:

The other way. When I copy to the WebDav, wich is 1 TB big.

Windows does Show it with the Space as my C. Drive and acts like this. And I don’t know why.

My C: Drive is not the Problem. I don’t need more space there.

My WebDav has free Space is 980MB Free.
But Windows acts with it like it would be the space sizes from C: That is my problem.

I tried it on 4 Computers. Everywhere the same. But only at WebDav fom NextCloud, so I think the problem is anywhere in NextCloud.

Is is a corius thing.

You have it mounted to a drive letter or a folder mount point? Or not at all and just browsing the UNC path?

I think it’s probably the Windows implementation of WebDAV caching files locally. Maybe you should consider using the Nextcloud client with virtual files instead.

Yes, I have mounted it. Beside the Size-Problem, it runs like charme.

Mabe. In Android/Linux are no problems.

I don’t want tto use a client. I’m not syncing ans work with every aound easy with their WebDav, was one of the reasons for me tto use Nextcloud.

Even it is Windows, there must be a Solution… I know, WinXP ans lower, had many problems with WebDav.
They where fixed with Patches and in new Windows Versions.
So it would suprise me, if there is no Solution. The Problem is only with WebDav from NextCloud, I tested it.

Strange thing…

A quick search showed several results saying Windows caches WebDAV files locally if they are accessed in any way.

That means the files must be downloaded to your C: drive to open them. Therefore it’s limited to the C: drive free space because it can’t cache more than that.

I read this too.
This is not the problem. It is not about open. I can not upload anything, bigger than 19GB.
On a PC with 800GB Free Space on C:, the user can Upload everything under 800GB, not more.

There is never a such big cache anywhere.
Eveb 19GB caching would be seen anywhere an Windows woud trow warn Messages. Thats not happe.

I searched the internet two weeks, before i Wrote here. The Problem is not fully new. I tried all suggestion, except editibg the Config Files (I have no access to them).
Nothing worked.

I think I need to write the hoster. I hoped I writing here would be enough.

Good night everybody, here it is 4:30 AM :slight_smile: