Nextcloud's Photos App UX/UI updates

Hello nextcloud team!

First I want to say THANK YOU! for your all efforts to bring us a great offline alternative for all those ‘must have’ commercial products.

Personally, I am using a photo app a lot! It is great a piece of code, UI, and experience. There are still some things I would like to see in some future updates, and I tried to design some of them.

I am sharing with you my sketch file

(shared sketch file will reflect all updates in real-time so you can track updates over time)

These are the first baby steps just to give you an idea.
Hope you like where this is going and I will give my best in the next days/weeks to cover every aspect of the photos app.



Looks very Nice :blush:

Perhaps a good idea to reach out for the photo app developer and the design people of Nextcloud.
@skjnldsv @jan