Nextcloud's Docker volume size increasing

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I have a raspberry pi 4b 4Go ram. It runs on a SD card 68Go.
I’ve installed portainer and run nextcloud on it and some other containers (home assistant for example).
I also have a domain name with a reverse proxy on another raspberry in frontal. It receives the incomming traffic and is doing the routing through my several apps.
Nextcloud is working smoothly, nothing to report. I can access it from the outside of my network and also from my smartphone via the official app.

A few days ago, I bought a Synology NAS. I wanted to use this as an external storage to avoid using and filling the Rpi SD card and have something more robust.
I had no problem configuring it via SFTP and it’s working like a charm.

I then configured the nextcloud smartphone app to automaticly transfer files from my smartphone (camera pictures, videos etc) to my external storage on my NAS and had no difficulty to do so. It’s working great.

But here is the problem. I have a program that runs on my raspberry pi which monitor the resources and during the synchronisation and the transfer of my smartphone files through my NAS, I noticed the Disk Usage was filling up, a lot and fast. I finally had to stop the transfer because my SD card was nearly full

After some research I noticed the docker volume of nextcloud was huge.

Using 33G of the 35G of all my volumes.

But, I don’t really understand. Nothing is uploaded on the SD Card, everything was uploaded on my NAS, I could see the files on it, it was really working as intended.

I suspect some DB indexing process during transfer that may cause the disk to fill but I’m not sure, that’s the reason why I’m posting here and request some information on it.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): Yes

Thank’s in advance for the time you will spend on my problem.


The main things that come to mind:

  • /tmp
  • in-container app data (they store stuff in data/appdata_<instanceid>/*
  • in-container logs (i.e. nextcloud.log)

DB shouldn’t be a factor / or at the very least DB data is constrained to the db container.

Should be able to do a du | sort -rn | more from within your mount point (in your container) for yournextcloud_nextcloud volume to isolate further.