NextCloudPlus Docker and LibreELEC beginner question - NCP not working after reboot

Hi there,

I am quite a beginner with Linux as well as Docker. That being said, I’m really glad about the NCP project, as I couldn’t really run my own safe Nextcloud installation. Sure, I could follow online tutorials without understanding them really… Not helpful though…

I’m running NCP on a Raspi now for some time. Now I thought it a good idea to run NCP on a x86-machine in my home, that runs on LibreELEC and serves as a TV-server in my home anyways. This machine is much more powerful than my Raspi and idleing most of the time.

So I installed the Docker addon in LibreELEC an got the NCP Docker running. All fine. But after rebooting that machine, NCP ist not running anymore. What do I have to do, that NCP restarts automatically, when I reboot that machine?

How did you start the container? Was it using the string from the docker hub page (Pi example below, adjust for the appropriate container for your actual device in question)

docker run -d -p 4443:4443 -p 443:443 -p 80:80 -v ncdata:/data --name nextcloudpi ownyourbits/nextcloudplus-armhf $DOMAIN

If so, I’d recommend adjusting it to

docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 4443:4443 -p 443:443 -p 80:80 -v ncdata:/data --name nextcloudpi ownyourbits/nextcloudplus-armhf $DOMAIN

The --restart command is what you need, and you can use either no (the default), on-failure[:max retries], always or unless-stopped as the policy. Either always or unless-stopped should kick things off again after a reboot.

See the documentation for more details:

The other option is you could just restart the container manually if you don’t want to remove and recreate your container (if you don’t have it set up with a persistent volume, although the run command above has one with the ncdata volume):


or use a web interface like Portainer (install it from the docker hub - Portainer/Portainer) and go via that.