Nextcloudpi with many problems

after my very old nextcloudpi ( 16 ) installation crashed I thought it’s time to completly renew the whole thing.
Step 1 download the latest nextcloudpi version ( 26.0.1)
Step 2 upgrading everything I ended up with version 27.0.1. So far so good
Step 3 updating the contacts app and uploading the previous contacts.
It seemed to work well, but only for a short period of time. After 2-3 days the problems started : Today I cannot see the contacts anymore and the calendar app only shows the birthdays. One time i succeded to get them back by clearing the OPcache , but that does not help anymore.
Furthermore I cannot upload files and cannot create directories. It usually says unknown error.
Hardware : Raspi 4 with 4 GB ram, System boots from an 2 TB SSD, Image installed by Raspi Pi Imager.
At present I suspect that there is a problem with the SSD. Probably too big ??

Tks for any advise

Please post the output of ncp-report

tks , I hope this is what you asked for

<–! Paste this in GitHub report -->.pdf (118,4 KB)

Hi, for good order sake : I solved the problem by using “Dietpi” latest version and all works properly. Nextcloud was already available under “Dietpi” Software and with 2 clicks it was installed and working. DietPi - Lightweight justice for your SBC!