NextCloudPi VM - no dns-server with static ip

I have installed the NextCloudPi VM in Proxmox.
After changing the ip-adress to static ip there is no dns-server in the system settings in NextCloud listed:


So I have no internet connection with NextCloudPi / NextCloud.

The dns-server is listed under: /etc/network/interfaces but seems not to be taken over.
When I manually add the dns-server to /etc/resolv.conf then it works.
But after a restart is the resolv.conf overwritten and my added dns-server entry deleted.

Somebody an idea?

You could always try the official Nextcloud VM:

This could be a possibility. But first I would like to get the NCP VM working.

Somebody else an idea for my (dns-server) problem?

This file is probably overwritten by proxmox. You can set a dns server in the DNS settings of your virtual machine (by default it is the host’s settings). Check the proxmox community if that is not working. NextcloudPi should just be a debian virtual machine I suppose.

Worst case: you can set up a script on boot to put a server in the resolv.conf at boot time

Not directly compatible with LXC, you can certainly make it work but that’s for sure more complicated than putting a DNS server in some configuration file.

Thank you for the reply.
I have solved the problem by installing a debian vm and nextcloudpi on it.
It’s only one line:
curl -sSL | bash


Actually, we just solved the DNS issue:

It’s only one line:

Yup, it is:

curl -sSL | bash