NextcloudPi upgrading from RPi2 to RPi3


I just got a RPi 3 B (non +) from a friend that upgraded to an 3B+ and I wondered if I can just upgrade my RPi 2 (with the newest NCPi installation) to the 3 by switching out the SD Card. But my feeling is, that would be too easy.
If simple SD Card switching isn’t possible, what steps would I need to take to migrate the RPi2 installation to the 3?

Greetings and thanks in advance.

Imo this should just work, give it a try and yell us what happens. Surely you have to adjust your network to either have the pi3 the same ip address as the pi2 had, or point any poet forwardings to the new device.

Hi, this info should help out.


Dec '17

Is there a way to migrate my current NextCloud setup from a Pi 2 to a Pi3? Do I have to completely reinstall and setup everything all over again? Can I connect my current Hard drive to the new setup on Pi3

It is literally as easy as plugging the same SD card into the Pi3. Everything will work the same, except now you’ll have wifi and bluetooth available. If you have a static ip setup on your router to use the old Pi 2’s Mac address, you may need to reset that.

  1. Is there enough of a performance increase to warrant a switch to the Pi 3? I’ve heard / read that file size transfers over 2GB are successful on the pi3. Is this true?

Yes, I’ve found performance is much better on the Pi 3. I’ve had no trouble with moving larger files around

did work for me… even from rp1 to rp3 - but make backups like crazy… dont forget to backup the sd-card as well :wink:

good luck

Really? This did work just by using the same SD-card despite the different ARM-architecture (ARMv6 on rp1 vs ARMv7 on rp2/rp3)?

ummm. if you don’t trust me make a backup of your whole sd-card (write an iso) and then just try it. if it won’t work, write your backup-iso back to your sd-card, loss? maybe 1 hr of time.

Oh I trust you. I was just very surprised that this is working due to the different soc architecture. I didn’t know that. Thanks for confirming :+1: